With my BS/MBA from CalPoly Pomona, I have developed an International clientele, been awarded more than 140 regional and state-wide honors for my design work / featured in national and local publications for my commercial and residential designs, and experienced value derived from wise decision-making.

As a Laguna small business owner for almost 30 years, I understand the challenges and issues of our business environment, that in addition to dealing with the challenges of a national pandemic, we are also needing new ideas and initiatives from the council to restore the vitality to our business districts and bring unity to our community.

I believe my expertise in resource and project management, coupled with my development experience on behalf of homeowners with the city, design review, and the coastal commission, give me a unique perspective on streamlining the process, as well as a responsible, perspective on desired city growth. My current experience as the Chair of the City’s View Restoration Committee has also given me insight into residents’ points of view and dispute resolution. 

Serving as President of Laguna Beach Beautification Council, & on the Board of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, the South Laguna Community Garden Park, and LOCA have also provided in-depth experience in getting things accomplished, as a team, in Laguna.  

Active involvement in a broad spectrum of Laguna Beach organizations such as LCAD, Laguna Art Museum, & Laguna Outreach for Community Arts, give me a well-rounded understanding of the processes and goals of our community groups.

During the past 12 years, I have led more than 300 Garden Walks throughout the streets, homes, and neighborhoods and business areas of Laguna,  fostering greater community involvement, interaction and awareness of the needs and issues of the city, its development and its natural resources.

I know the neighborhoods, the individual houses, and the great residents. I speak to our issues, having been an active participant in City Council meetings for more than 10 years.

I know how to manage and care for the incredible natural resources that comprise the public spaces of Laguna and know how to make them beautiful again.


  • Ensure all can express concerns freely and are given respect
  • Advocate equitable enforcement of regulations/codes
  • Enhance canyon, parks, beaches, parkways responsibly 
  • Reposition Laguna’s marketing to attract visitors who actually spend money in Laguna
  • Preserve and enhance Laguna’s unique urban mosaic of both homes and commercial sites
  • Address remote parking / incentivize trolley use
  • Promote Water-wise California Landscapes
  • Advance Quality of Life for all Residents

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